Event Live Streaming

In Focus Media Services provides both on-site multi-camera live stream and recording video production services for businesses and event venues.

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The world is all about connecting in new ways. Live streaming your next event immediately expands your audience from only those attending in-person, to an unlimited audience. It also provides a great service for those who would like to attend in-person but cannot, due to distance or other obligations.

Video chats and Facebook Live are a couple of options people utilize for live streaming. However, these options frequently lack in terms of video and audio quality. In Focus Media Services combats these issues by offering high quality, professional multi-camera mobile production services.

Here's what's included:

  • Live Switching between multi-camera angles using Canon XA-11 HD Cameras
  • Professional Audio Connectivity
  • Logos and Title Graphics

An internet connectivity test is required. Cellular internet bonding services are also available.

On-Site Studio Production

When live streaming isn't necessary but higher video production results are desired, the On-Site Studio Production is the solution. The same multi-camera production is included; however, the event is recorded rather than live streamed. Upon completion, the client will receive a digital video file of the recorded program.

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